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BWAC Renewed 5 More Years

NSF has made awards to the University of Arizona, Virginia Tech, University of Notre Dame, University of Mississippi, and Catholic University of America, renewing BWAC for another five years. 

BWAC Phase-II effectively starts on Oct 1st, 2018 and will be lead by the University of Arizona under the directorship of Professor Marwan Krunz.

Broadband Wireless Access and Applications Center (BWAC) is a multi-university NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC), led by the University of Arizona in partnership with Virginia Tech, University of Notre Dame, University of Mississippi, and Catholic University of America. Along with NSF support, BWAC is funded by 20+ affiliate members from industry and DoD labs.

BWAC aims at advancing  wireless technologies and providing cost-effective and practical solutions for next-generation (5G & beyond) wireless systems, millimeter-wave communications, wireless cybersecurity, shared-spectrum access systems, full-duplex transmissions, massive MIMO techniques, and others.

The mission of BWAC is to collaborate with industry research partners to create flexible, efficient, and secure wireless networks that satisfy broadband communication needs in businesses, in the home, and in the lives of individuals.

  • Address issues of spectrum through novel broadband technologies
  • Work with industry and academic partners to pursue large-scale research programs and create new visions for the wireless industry


News & Events

Join us for the Fall 2018 BWAC Semi-Annual IAB Meeting at the University of Arizona, November 8-9, 2018. Details will be posted soon.